Bank’s Offer - Rates from 5.69%

  • $3,288 refinance cash back (paid within 60 days of settlement)
  • Min loan $250k to qualify for bank’s cash back.
  • $390 Annual fee with offset account
  • Or no annual fee without an offset

Application must be submitted by 31/10/2023 – Midnight

If your situation doesn’t qualify, I'll be recommending other banks for your situation. Their rates start from 5.64%.  I’ve managed to negotiate rates from 5.72% with mainstream banks. They can offer 2-3k cash back. Conditions apply.  

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My name is Vutha Thach, I am a mortgage broker & director for Duol Loans. Located in VIC, with clients Australia wide. I am connected to 70 banks. Discussion is completed over video or phone call(s) and loan process is digital for your convenience.

Please view to my LinkedIn or google profile for my background or give me a call on 0434 192 151 to discuss.  

To protect the bank’s resources/service levels and my relationship with them, the name of the bank will be disclosed, once I am confident your situation qualifies for their offer. This will involve an initial discussion, obtaining your credit report and the bank’s valuation (no cost to you due to my relationship with the bank). Bank’s product summary of rates and charges will be provided after

Terms And Conditions

Subject to banks terms and conditions; and banks loan contract after formal approval

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